About the Photographer

I am Rumi Kodia, 29 years of age, professionally a software consultant. Photography is my passion and I pursue it as a hobby.

Here you will find my Creative Work in the field of Photography. A picture says more than a thousand words. My favorite subject in the field of photography is Nature and Wildlife.

Visit … Admire …. Enjoy !!!



  1. Impressive work…will add ur link on my blog…..keep clicking…..

  2. Nivedita said

    I wont start with the usual, I am so and so, with passion for so and so and so on! I would say I was destined to stumble upon your blog with photography overflowing in passionate creations that you exhibit here. There is no explanation to how I stumbled upon your page but that is how it should be, yes? There is the best you have in you and I can admire the best! Loved your posts and wish to stay and encourage this photographer…what say?

    God bless! 🙂

  3. Mushtaq said

    Visited, Admiring and Enjoying……… Waiting for Some Green Photography which gives our eyes the much needed sukoooooon…..!

  4. Chirag said

    Excellent work Rumi…and thanks for sharing…I am also working on my photographs…will send u the link…

  5. Snehal said

    Gr8 work man! … I’ve captured enough pix now n planning to publish it on Wix.Com, let’s see how it goes… Will be in touch… Keep capturing gr8 moments!

  6. N Ramrakhiyani said

    A photo is like a flute, but its the photographer which brings in the music…. Excellent Work !

  7. Tarun said

    Good photographers never take photos.. They make them… You do that job to perfection.. Keep clicking Rumi bhai!!

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